Corporation of           International Relations            and Cultural exchange                of Kalimnos - Athens
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                                        "Elliniki Filia"

The International Union of Neohellenists "Elliniki Filia" is a nonprofit association formed by foreign scholars and lovers of the Greek world. Its members, from over than 20 countries, have been students in the Annual Programme of Studies of Greek Language and Culture organized by the Corporation for International Relations and Cultural Exchange Kalymnos Athens. It is in the small island of Kalymnos, known as Kalydna in Homer's day,  where all have shaped their interest in the Hellenic world and from where this initiative starts.

"Elliniki Filia" is currently looking into the very next round of an even broader spectrum of avtivation within the home countries of its members and any other part of the world the need avises, its prime goal being the defense, further delving and initiation into the light of the Greek civilisation.